Customer Experience Management

正规体育投注Everyone within an organization owns the customer experience (or CX as it’s often called). Each team, department, or individual is responsible for optimizing their segment of the holistic customer journey to continuously provide the best experience possible to all customers.

SurveyGizmo can help you make sure your customers are enjoying the experience you provide at every interaction point. In fact, we can even help you provide a better experience with each survey they take.

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正规体育投注Compechek found that their CX evaluation process for clients was sluggish, inefficient, and significantly limited. Now, their online customer experience management tool, ASK LISTEN RETAIN, leverages SurveyGizmo to power customer experience surveys and yield real-time CX insights on a global scale.

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  • The challenges of measuring customer experience across the globe.
  • The importance of real-time customer experience data to actionable decision making.
  • Why Compechek decided SurveyGizmo was the right solution for their needs.
  • Results and benefits of implementing SurveyGizmo into their processes.
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正规体育投注ASK LISTEN RETAIN – Moving at the Speed of CX

Get the Case Study – Moving at the Speed of CX

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正规体育投注Learn how ASK LISTEN RETAIN uses SurveyGizmo to improve customer experience.

Customer Experience Management

Having great customer experience time and again can — and should — be a leading differentiator for your company.

正规体育投注But great CX takes time, energy, and persistence. Learn how SurveyGizmo can help you consistently create rich experiences that make your customers come knocking.

The Holistic Customer Experience

Measuring customer experience across the customer journey

正规体育投注From the very first point of interaction through becoming a customer and growing an account, companies know that providing an exceptional holistic customer experience is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Map your customer journey and break it down into segments to provide greater focus and clarity on where the biggest improvements in your customer experience program can be made to provide the greatest benefits to your bottom line.

Customer Experience Segments

Using customer experience measurement data to improve marketing teams


Are your customers finding the right information to satisfy their needs? Marketing teams need to make sure they know where to find their prospects and provide them with the right information at the right time. SurveyGizmo allows you to measure interactions on web properties, during live events, and any other touchpoint in the marketing lifecycle to optimize every activity.

Using customer experience measurement data to improve sales team processes


Once a lead gets to your sales team, providing customized and in-depth information on the company, solutions, and products is the name of the game. Sales teams need to know where they are falling short and what elements of the sales process prospects love. Do you need more content? High level or more granular? Are customized demonstrations effective? Was pricing communicated correctly? SurveyGizmo can capture this information and more.

Improving professional services with customer experience data

Implementation/Professional Services

A seamless implementation or project execution is key to keeping the promises made during the sales process. If the sale goes smoothly but your team stumbles during the next phase of the journey, you’re already at a disadvantage for renewal and account growth. Know where your implementation process can be improved so every client starts off on the right foot and realizes quick time to value.

Provide better account management with customer experience surveys

Account Management

正规体育投注Some clients are more strategic than others. Some need more hand-holding than their counterparts. Some just want to be left alone. How do you segment your current client base so your account management team provides the relationship that individual clients are asking for? SurveyGizmo helps you identify and bucket clients so they always get the care they need, no matter how much or how little that may be.

Customer experience measurement surveys help improve customer service and increase revenue

Customer Service

It’s been reported that 78% of customers have not made an intended purchase because of a poor customer service interaction. The experience your staff provides during continued interactions with customers plays an integral part in whether customers continue to do business with you. SurveyGizmo can track and collect data on all elements of a service interaction and integrate with other enterprise systems to allow quick action to be taken.

Unique Capabilities of SurveyGizmo

Integrate CX data with other business information systems

Integration Options

SurveyGizmo’s ability to integrate with other enterprise systems used by your organization means you determine how your SurveyGizmo data is used in other areas of your technology stack.

Data visualization for customer experience measurement

Data Visualization

The SurveyGizmo InsightCanvas allows you to put a narrative to your Customer Experience data. Stakeholders from across the business can have a real-time, customized story attached to data from their journey segment.

Create custom workflows based on CX data

Custom Workflows

Take action on customer experience data insights quickly by setting up custom workflows so data collected about any customer experience segment can be routed and analyzed by designated individuals and teams instantly.

Hear What Our Customers Say

Ask Listen Retain customer experience measurement tool
SurveyGizmo is an energetic company that understands quality customer service, and is on the cutting edge of technology. I’m excited to be in business with them, and they’ve provided immeasurable value to my company and its clients!– Peter Kmyta, President, Compechek

Let SurveyGizmo Enhance Your Customer Experience

正规体育投注SurveyGizmo gives you the power to decide which interaction points you want to collect information on, to make improvements to any part of the customer journey. Once that customer experience data is collected, taking action is easy with multiple ways to display, communicate, and distribute data to key stakeholders to always have a focus on exceeding customers’ expectations.